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Practicum Children's Classes 2008

42 days to Practicum! Christmas is over and the time has come to put Practicum planning into high gear.

I am coordinating the Children's classes this year. We need to have 6 classes. I use the term classes, but really activities is a better word. These classes are not like adult ones with one teacher talking and people sitting and listening for 50 minutes. Games, crafts/making things, and interactive play are all possibilities.

Currently, we have 2 proposed classes:

Dubh - story telling
Lucia - calligraphy

Additionally, we need assistants. Two unrelated adults must be present at children's activities. The assistant will have no prep work and his or her only job is to show up and ensure that ensurer that the teacher does nothing improper as well as to protect the teacher from false allegations. Helping the teacher would be great, but at this point, it is voluntary.

Currently, I have one assistant who has volunteered:

Piers MacTavish

I will continue to approach individuals who said "maybe" about teaching in the past. But the time has come for a general call for both teachers and assistants. I plan to finalize the children's classes after a time table of adult classes has been set, so that all teachers and assistants can pick one class they want to attend and don't want to be scheduled against. I have a couple of ideas for classes if people are interested in helping but have no ideas.

The deadline is February 10. If we cannot get a children's track of classes organized by then, there will be no children's classes. Parents will then have two weeks notice to make other arrangements for Practicum.

Please feel free to contact me on LJ, email, or by phone if you would like to volunteer to either teach or assist, or if you have suggestions for me in any other way.


Dubhease ingen Laoidheach
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