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Trillium War Olympiad

Several people have asked me about this, so here is the info from message #4592 on the Ealdormere yahoo group:

"Forwarded on behalf of Sir Siegfried, please forward to any who would be

Greetings my Lords and Ladies from the Autocrat of Trillium War,

I write this to you today to give you some information of the
coming games at this years Trillium. At this years Trillium War we are
having the first Ealdormerian Olympiad. As such there will be many
Olympic style games with the activities we do in the Society in place of
the usual Olympic games. The Baronies will be taking the parts of the
countries, and the shires can choose who to ally with. Unless of course
they would rather form a sixth country, this is up to the shires and the
diplomatic abilities of their Excellencies.

There will be tournaments with gold, silver and bronze medals
awarded in all the major activities. Amongst these are tournaments in
fighting and all the associated styles. 3,6,and 9 man melee tournaments
(so find some partners), one Chiv per three man unit, as well as a
Baronial bridge round robin tournament. There will be medals for the
different fighting forms, a Newbie medal, and for youth combat. There
will be an Archery medal and a populace Archery medal to go to the
associated Baron and Baroness. The same can be said for Fencing and
thrown weapons, an individual and populace medal.

As for Arts and Sciences there will be medals in all five
disciplines, and a combined medal. Yes that means a second Pent for
those who would have more than one a year. There will also be a medal
for the mead competition.

And speaking of Pentathlons there will be one in the martial
activities, combining scores from the Fighting , 9 man melee, Archery,
Fencing, and Thrown weapons. And since we will have scores from both
Pents and since we can weigh them equally, we are going to have a
Decathlon, yes , all the martial activities, and all the Arts
and Sciences together for the first time ever. That means you can
compete to be the best rounded person in Ealdormere. I would very much
like to see some serious competition in this so please get out there and
authorize where you need to . I know this won't be easy but think of the
honour and glory it will convey.

If there is anything I missed please email me and we will consider
adding it. There will also be our regular activities, games, dancing
etc. It does sadden me to inform the populace that this will be the
first year without a Galbraith party, but they have performed a
fantastic job for many many years and everyone gets tired. So this year
if anyone would like to officially book a night to throw a party please
book early. Their Excellencies Alyce and Konrad have already expressed
an interest in Saturday night. Please feel free to ask about anything


Siegfried Brandboern

THL Eirik Andersen Kyle Andrews
MSN eirik@..."

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Lady 'Withe
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