Helly (buttongirl) wrote in caldrithig,

Holiday party!

Caldrithig Christmas Party

Yes we are doing it, even with the snow watch- we are hardy Canadians at heart right! :-D Seriously, it is right off the queensway which always gets cleared first, and it should be a good time! Helen is bringing Egerdouce!

When: Sunday, December 16th

Time: 3:30-9:00

Where: All Saints Lutheran Church, 1061 Pinecrest Road

What: In garb pot-luck - true potluck. Bring something you like to eat.

Cost: Free-will donation

Activities: Eating and socializing.

Children welcome. Dubh will bring unbaked shortbread cookies which the children can help decorate in the afternoon. Dubh will bake them just before dinner and they'll be cool enough to eat after dinner.

Co-ordinator: Dubhease ingen Laoidheach
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