dubhease (dubhease) wrote in caldrithig,

Practicum Updates

Due to several last minute drop-outs and switches, please note the following things about Pracitcum.

1. We need one more adult to attend Circle Dances from 10:00-11:00. Having two adults is an SCA Inc. requirement to hold children's classes.

2. There are now 2 open spots in Marina's Embroidery class.

3. The confusion between finger loop braiding and finger weaving has now been clarified by offereing both a beginner's and an intermediate finger loop braiding class. Please consult the web page for more information.

Finally, I will not be taking any more email registrations after noon on Friday. This is to be able to email teacher's their class lists as well as printing them for class room doors. If you cannot register before noon on the 22nd, you are welcome to drop into a class at Pracitcum provided that there is space and that the instructor has enough supplies. If in doubt, register soon.
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