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Baron and Baroness and Vicaress

Copied from the Skrael Facebook group:

To this great and noble assembly does Derfel and Melisande send greetings!

Due to our noted absence, we have asked Our King and Queen to temporarily appoint a Vicar and/or Vicaress to see to the continued presence of the Barony among its cousins.

We take this measure with great sadness in our hearts as we do wish to be with you, but due to unforeseen circumstances cannot be. After counsel with Their Majesties we know that the person that has been appointed will carry out their duties with great decorum and professionalism.

We therefore turn over all responsibilities, tasks and power of office over to your new Vicaress Baroness Posadnitsa Xristina Viaceslavova.

Derfel Mallory & Melisande du Rocher
Baron & Baroness of Skraeling Althing


To the noble populous of Skraeling Althing does the Honourable Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova, Vicaress of Skraeling Althing send greetings.

As you are no doubt aware, Their Excellencies Derfel and Melisande have had many complications become a part of their lives that have prevented them from being able to serve this Barony in the way that they would wish. I am sure I am not alone in expressing hope that all things will work out the best for them.

However, in order to ensure that the needs of the Barony are being met, Their Royal Majesties of Ealdormere and Their Excellencies of Skraeling Althing had decided that a vicar would be put into place so that the Barony would continue to have the leadership that it requires.

This past Saturday at Crown Tournament, Their Majesties, Aaron and Rustique, placed Their trust in me to hold this Barony as Vicaress. I am honoured to take up this position and to once again serve this Barony until such time as the Baron and Baroness of Skraeling Althing are once again in office.

Their Majesties have seen fit to bestow upon me all rights and responsibilities that are incumbent with this office, including the privilege of being able to recognize those gentles amongst us who are worthy of receiving a Baronial award, to hold Baronial courts and to proudly wear the Baronial arms.

However, as is appropriate with the temporary nature of my position, I will neither wear a coronet of gold nor bear the title 'Baroness of Skraeling Althing'.

I will be at Harrowgate Heath this upcoming weekend and look forward to seeing who will become this Barony's new Archery Champion. Given the talent that I know exists within these lands I am sure it will be an exciting competition.

I know that there will be questions and please feel free to contact me with any concerns you may have or clarifications that you may require. I will do my best to answer you.

In service to Skraeling Althing and the Crown of Ealdormere,

The Honourable Baroness Xristina Viaceslavova,
Vicaress of Skraeling Althing.
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