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Autocrat's Day Off 2009

Hi Folks!

Jay and I are preparing a bid for this year's Autocrat's Day Off. The dates of the event are July 10th-12th.

When Cortejo and I ran the same event in 2005, we had a theme - "When in Rome" - we kept it fairly low-key but we provided some games and prizes, partly with the goal of attracting more families to the event in order to boost attendance.

I'm considering proposing a theme again this year. I've been brainstorming a few ideas. I don't want anyone to feel like they have to conform to a theme, just that there will be some fun stuff available for them to opt in to if they choose. I also hope that it would inspire some participation in bardic activities around the campfire.

So the end of this shaggy dog story is that I'm looking for your opinion. Could you look at this short list and tell me what option you like? Or else suggest something? I don't have a paid account, so you'll have to pretend that there are ticky boxes and post a comment instead.

- Early period - Dark Ages or Viking, maybe with a name about Valhalla or the Norse sagas
- 12th century - either a Crusader camp, or a tournament during the "age of courtly love"
- late period - a Tudor village? Something about the life of the average joe in the 16th century?
- no theme at all - the usual event without any extras

Thanks very much for your input!

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I'd like to play with some courtesan spa techniques by the water if I am not busy being Baroness. Does that fit with any of your themes?
It just might - we shall talk!