strange and charming (beable) wrote in caldrithig,
strange and charming

Suggesting Anti-Dance: 31 cents a scoop night at Baskin Robbins

I would like to suggest our first Anti-Dance of the year - after dance practice.

Dance Practice: 7-8pm at Sandy Hill Community Centre.

Anti-Dance: After dance practice, at the Baskin Robbins near Lincoln Fields
(1460 Richmond Rd, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada/UNIT 10, TOWN & COUNTRY VILLAGE, (613) 828-5559).

Why: Because ice cream is good! And because Baskin Robbins is having a fundraiser for the Canadian Fallen Firefighter's Association including cheap ice cream scoops.

Who: Dancers! And non-dancers - I would estimate we'd be there at about 8:30 or so for any non-dancers that wanted to join us.
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